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Thanks for becoming part of the Medtronic community!

Welcome to the Medtronic community

Medtronic Diabetes Ambassadors are people living with diabetes or their care partners, who have a desire to help others who have questions about the day-to-day life with diabetes. They volunteer their time by getting involved in both online and offline diabetes activities.

What to Expect as an Ambassador:

  • Actively participating in discussions within the Ambassador program through a private Facebook group
  • Sharing relevant information both online and offline
  • Attending local diabetes events
  • Being available to answer questions through the Ambassador website
  • Staying up to date on current Medtronic products and programs

Benefits of Being an Ambassador:

  • Opportunity to help others living with diabetes through online social media, attending diabetes related events, etc
  • Access the latest information on Medtronic technology and programs
  • Ability to provide feedback around products, programs, etc
  • Direct access to the Medtronic Diabetes Ambassador team