Advancing insulin delivery in pump therapy

+ + + + + Medtronic Extended™ infusion sets components
+ New Infusion set Capability

Simple to use and virtually painless5

With the all-in-one serter, set changes are quick and easy to do. Watch how to insert the Extended™ infusion set and reservoir.

Remove tape

1. Remove tape

Squeeze and remove safety cap

2. Squeeze and remove safety cap

Place Serter on body

3. Place Serter on body

Press the button

4. Press the button

To get the first and only infusion set designed for twice the wear, order online or by calling 1-800-646-4633 and select option 2. (Monday - Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Central Time). Please note that the Extended™ infusion set requires a new prescription.


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* vs the 3-days infusion set MiniMed™ Quick-set™

Important Safety Information

Medtronic Extended™ infusion set
The Extended™ Infusion Set is indicated for up to 7 days of wear for the subcutaneous infusion of insulin from an infusion pump. It is NOT indicated for intravenous (IV) infusion or the infusion of blood or blood products. Inaccurate medication delivery, infection and/or site irritation may result from improper insertion and maintenance of the infusion site. Before insertion, clean the insertion site with isopropyl alcohol. Remove the needle guard before inserting the infusion set. If using this infusion set for the first time, do the first set-up in the presence of your healthcare professional. Do not leave air in the infusion set. Prime completely. Check frequently to make sure the soft cannula remains firmly in place as you may not feel pain if it pulls out. The soft cannula must always be completely inserted to receive the full amount of medication. If the infusion site becomes inflamed, replace the set, and use a new site until the first site has healed. Replace the infusion set if the tape becomes loose, or if the soft cannula becomes fully or partially dislodged from the skin. Regularly replace the infusion set as indicated in the instructions for use, or per the insulin labeling, whichever duration is shorter. For more details, see

Medtronic Extended™ reservoir
The Extended™ Reservoir is indicated for the subcutaneous infusion of insulin from compatible Medtronic insulin pumps and infusion sets. Refer to your Medtronic insulin pump user guide for a list of compatible insulins and infusion sets. The reservoir is contraindicated for the infusion of blood or blood products. Use for a maximum of 7 days, or according to the insulin labeling, whichever duration is shorter. For more details, see important safety information.

MiniMed™ 770G System With SmartGuard™ Technology
The MiniMed™ 770G system is intended for continuous delivery of basal insulin (at user selectable rates) and administration of insulin boluses (in user selectable amounts) for the management of type 1 diabetes mellitus in persons two years of age and older requiring insulin as well as for the continuous monitoring and trending of glucose levels in the fluid under the skin. The MiniMed™ 770G System includes SmartGuard™ technology, which can be programmed to automatically adjust delivery of basal insulin based on continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) sensor glucose values (SG) and can suspend delivery of insulin when the SG value falls below or is predicted to fall below predefined threshold values.

The Medtronic MiniMed™ 770G System consists of the following devices: MiniMed™ 770G Insulin Pump, the Guardian™ Link (3) Transmitter, the Guardian™ Sensor (3), one-press serter, the Accu-Chek® Guide Link blood glucose meter, and the AccuChek®Guide Test Strips. The system requires a prescription.

The Guardian™ Sensor (3) has not been evaluated and is not intended to be used directly for making therapy adjustments, but rather to provide an indication of when a fingerstick may be required. All therapy adjustments should be based on measurements obtained using a blood glucose meter and not on values provided by the Guardian™ Sensor (3).

All therapy adjustments should be based on measurements obtained using the Accu-Chek® Guide Link blood glucose meter and not on values provided by the Guardian™ Sensor (3). Always check the pump display to ensure the glucose result shown agrees with the glucose results shown on the Accu-Chek® Guide Link blood glucose meter. Do not calibrate your CGM device or calculate a bolus using a blood glucose meter result taken from an alternative site. It is not recommended to calibrate your CGM device when sensor or blood glucose values are changing rapidly, e.g., following a meal or physical exercise.

WARNING: Do not use the SmartGuard™ Auto Mode for people who require less than 8 units or more than 250 units of total daily insulin per day. A total daily dose of at least 8 units, but no more than 250 units, is required to operate in SmartGuard™ Auto Mode.

WARNING: Do not use the MiniMed™ 770G system until appropriate training has been received from a healthcare professional. Training is essential to ensure the safe use of the MiniMed™ 770G system.

Pump therapy is not recommended for people whose vision or hearing does not allow recognition of pump signals and alarms. Pump therapy is not recommended for people who are unwilling or unable to maintain contact with their healthcare professional. The safety of the MiniMed™ 770G system has not been studied in pregnant women. For complete details of the system, including product and important safety information such as indications, contraindications, warnings and precautions associated with system and its components, please consult and the appropriate user guide at