Changing your basal rate(s)

DEVICE: MiniMed® 530G (551/751), Revel (523/723), 522/722, 515/715, 512/712

[MiniMed 530G User Guide pages 41-42, 192, Revel User Guide pages 41-42, 192, X22 User Guide pages 52, 194, X15 User Guide pages 46, 154, X12 User Guide pages 26-27, 128]

Important: Your healthcare professional will calculate your basal rates for you.

Did You Know: Basal insulin is the “background” insulin needed throughout the day to maintain your target glucose values when you are not eating. Your basal insulin accounts for about half of your daily insulin requirements.

Your basal rate settings determine the amount of basal insulin you receive each hour. You can set multiple basal rates to meet your insulin needs throughout the day. Each basal rate consists of a different insulin delivery with distinct start times and stop times. Together, the different insulin rates cover a 24-hour period (beginning at midnight) and are repeated each day. 

Note: You cannot make changes to your basal rate settings while a temporary basal is active.

Allowed Range & Default Settings

  Allowed Range Default Setting Increments

MiniMed 530G (551/751)

Revel (523/723)

0.0-35.0 units/hour 0.0 units/hour 0.025 units (for rates between 0.025-0.975 u/h)
0.05 units (for rates between 1-9.95 u/h)
0.1 units (for rates of 10 u/h or more)




0.0-35.0 units/hour 0.0 units/hour 0.05 units
    Changing Your Basal Rate(s)
  1. Go to the SET BASAL RATE 1 screen.
    Main Menu > Basal > Basal Setup > Set/Edit Basal
  2. The SET BASAL RATE 1 screen flashes the basal rate in U/H.
  3. Enter your first basal rate amount and press ACT.
    The start time for your first basal rate is midnight and cannot be changed.
  4. The SET START TIME 2 screen appears. The dashes under the screen name flash. The first basal rate is now set. If you do not need a second basal rate for the day, press ESC. If you need to set up a second basal rate for the day, follow steps 5 and 6.
  5. In the SET START TIME 2 screen, enter the start time for the next rate.
  6. Press ACT. The SET BASAL RATE 2 screen appears. Enter the rate.
  7. Press ACT. The SET START TIME 3 screen appears. The second basal rate is now set. If you do not need to set up any more basal rates for the day, press ESC and skip to step 9. If you need to set up more basal rates, follow steps 5 and 6 for each basal rate.
  8. After you program your last basal rate, press ESC.
  9. The BASAL RATE screen appears. Your basal rate(s) will now deliver as programmed. Press ESC.
  10. Scroll down to BASAL REVIEW and press ACT. Review your settings to ensure they are correct. Press ESC to exit the menus.