Silencing glucose alerts

Device: MiniMed™ 630G insulin pump (MMT-1715K)

The Alert Silence feature allows you to temporarily silence sensor alerts for the period of time that you set. If a sensor alert occurs when the Alert Silence is on, a Sensor alert occurred message is displayed and the notification light flashes, but there is no beep or vibration. You would then go to History and Alarm History to see what alert occurred. Alerts will automatically return to audio and/or vibrate at the end of the duration that you set.

To temporarily silence sensor alerts:

1. Press Menu.

2. Select Sensor Settings.

3. Select Alert Silence.

4. Select the types of alerts you want to silence and the Duration.

5. Select Begin.

Note: Alert on low is never silenced if Alert Silence is turned on. Insulin will suspend if Suspend on low is on and the low limit is reached.