Status screen

The Status screens provide information about your pump, any notifications you have received, your current settings and your sensor, if you are using one. Below is a description of the Status screens available on your pump.

Status screen Displays this information
Notifications A list of alarms, alerts, and reminders that have occurred over the past 24 hours. You can display further details about a particular alarm, alert, or reminder by selecting it from the list.
Quick Status A summary of status information, including your last bolus, last BG meter reading, current basal rate, reservoir level, and pump battery charge level. If you are using a sensor, this screen also displays the time that your next calibration is due and the SmartGuardTM suspend by sensor status.
Pump Provides a detailed view of your pump status, including whether your pump is in a specific mode, the reservoir status, battery status, the pump serial number, and other details about your pump.
Sensor The Sensor status screen is available only if your Sensor feature is turned on. The Sensor status screen indicates if any alert silence options are turned on. It also shows the status of your calibrations, your sensor life, ISIG, transmitter battery, the serial number and version number of your transmitter, and the SmartGuard suspend by sensor status.
Settings Review The Settings Review screen provides a list of all your pump settings. The settings are organized by where they appear in the menu for your pump. For example, your bolus settings appear under the Insulin Settings section, and your brightness level setting appears under the Utilities section.

Viewing the Status screens

1. Go to the Home screen.
2. Select the status bar that appears at the top of the Home screen.

Home screen image

The Status screen appears.

Status screen image

3. Select the status screen that you want to view.