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The first FDA-cleared smart insulin pen system that helps you take the right dose at the right time.

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Pay as little as $35 per prescribed inPen. Each InPen is reusable for one year. Offer available to eligible patients with commercial insurance. Terms and conditions apply. Learn more.

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An insulin pen, but smarter

For the first time, you can use an insulin pen without sacrificing data and decision support. InPen fundamentally changes how you manage MDI because it tracks your data and gives you personalized recommendations.

How it works

Advanced tracking inside the pen and an intuitive app experience help to ease the daily diabetes grind. Dose with the smart pen and rely on the app to track your data, get personalized recommendations, and keep an eye on your active insulin throughout the day. Now available for all ages,* InPen intelligence can give caregivers the confidence that they're giving the right dose at the right time.

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Smart insulin pen

  • Lasts a full year with no need to charge
  • Delivers half-unit doses
  • Compatible with Novolog®, Humalog®, and Fiasp® 3 mL (U-100) insulin cartridges
  • Monitors insulin temperature
  • Connects to the app via Bluetooth

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Mobile app

  • Tracks active insulin
  • Reminds you to dose
  • Calculates personalized doses
  • Automatically logs doses
  • Creates shareable reports
  • Syncs with CGMs and glucose meters

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I've been an insulin pen user for a couple of decades and this is the first real advance in insulin pen technology."

Matt, InPen user since 2019
Technology you can trust

Technology you can trust

InPen was designed with quality and safety in mind, by people who live with diabetes.

  • FDA-cleared
  • Created by people with diabetes
  • Now available for ages 7 and up. Under age 7 with adult supervision only.*

Key InPen features

  • Reusable for one year - no charging needed
  • Keeps track of your active insulin
  • Reminds you to dose
  • Monitors insulin temperature
  • Automatically logs doses
  • Integrates with CGMs
  • Creates shareable reports with time-based meal analysis
  • Integrates with Bluetooth-connected glucose meters
  • Helps you make decisions based on your data

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Key InPen Features

InPen works smarter, so you don't have to

Personalized dose recommendations

The InPen dose calculator recommends a personalized dose based on your blood glucose, the carbohydrates you're eating, and your active insulin. The calculator is customizable — choose between three different modes depending on whether you count carbs or not.

InPen Personalized dose recommendations

Active insulin tracking

InPen is the only smart pen system that tracks active insulin. At any time, you can check the app and see how much insulin is still active in your body from previous doses. InPen uses this information to let you know if you need a correction dose and to help you avoid stacking.

Integrates with other devices

Integrates with other devices

InPen works with Dexcom G5/G6 through Apple Health.

Bluetooth-connected meters

Bluetooth-connected meters

InPen works with Bluetooth devices. Check compatibility.

Reminders across all devices

InPen reminder screen on a smart watch

InPen reminds you if you forget your typical doses.

Insulin status alerts

Insulin status alerts

InPen notifies you when your insulin gets too hot or cold, or if it will expire soon.

InPen logbook screen on smartphone

Your automated logbook

Get a glimpse into your diabetes over the past 90 days.

The InPen logbook provides a summary of:

  • Doses from your InPen
  • Blood glucose
  • Carbohydrates
  • Dose calculator recommendations
  • Prime doses
  • Cartridge replacements
  • Insulin doses you’ve manually logged

Pair multiple pens

You can use multiple InPens — one for school, home, work, or your gym bag.

Pair multiple pens

View and share your data

InPen reports help you visualize how insulin and meals affect glucose so that you can make informed adjustments. It's easy to share reports with your healthcare provider or family members.

InPen View and share Your Data
InPen real-time info at a glance

Real-time info, at a glance

Quickly check your active insulin and recent doses from your lock screen.

Finally. Diabetes technology created with YOU in mind

Finally. Diabetes technology created with you in mind.

  • Helps you make decisions based on your real-time data
  • Sophisticated, yet easy to use
  • Personalized to your individual treatment plan

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Pay as little as $35 per prescribed inPen. Learn more.

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Pay as little as $35 per InPen per year!

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*Ages 7 and older, or under the supervision of an adult caregiver.

Each InPen is reusable for one year. Offer available to eligible patients with commercial insurance. Terms and conditions apply. Learn more.

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Important Safety Information: InPen
The InPen is a home- use reusable pen injector for single- patient use by people with diabetes under the supervision of an adult caregiver, or by a patient age 7 and older for the self- injection of a desired dose of insulin and for calculating an insulin dose or carbohydrate intake based on user entered data. A healthcare professional must assist in dosage programming of the device prior to use, based on various patient- specific criteria and targets. The InPen requires a prescription. For additional product and safety information, please consult the Instructions for Use and

Rx only. Under age 7 requires supervision of an adult caregiver. User interaction, compatible device, proper pairing and settings required. See