Veterans, try the Guardian Connect CGM, at no cost for 30 days!

Get ahead of your highs and lows. Maintain your cadence throughout the day.

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Veterans, try the Guardian Connect CGM

Guardian Connect

Guardian Connect continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) system

Continuous glucose monitoring, or CGM, is a way to measure glucose levels in real time throughout the day and night. Now you can see how your sugar levels are trending and be alerted before they go high or low.

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Real-time information for on-the-spot decisions

  • A sensor measures glucose levels in tissue fluid and is connected to a transmitter that sends the information wirelessly to a mobile device.
  • The device can detect and notify you if your glucose is reaching a high or low limit.
  • The Medtronic CGM system can alert you up to an hour before reaching your glucose limits.
Veterans, try the Guardian Connect CGM

Veterans, try at no cost for 30 days!

A member of our team will reach out to you for additional information. If you have questions, please contact us at 1-888-882-8602 (M-F, 9 a.m.-6 p.m. CT).

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Know before you go low

Using a CGM allows you to fill in the gaps between your blood glucose checks. Unlike other available CGMs, Medtronic CGM can show you not only your number, but also whether your glucose is heading high or low. It can even let you know up to an hour in advance.

Getting started is simple

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  • Flexible training options available
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Getting started is simple

† The Guardian Sensor 3 glucose values are not intended to be used directly for making therapy adjustments, but rather to provide an indication of when a fingerstick may be required.

∆ Participating healthcare professionals offer the On Demand program which enables their patients to start using the Guardian Connect system at no charge for 30 days. Restrictions apply.

Participation in the Guardian Connect CGM System Patient Evaluation Program (“Evaluation Program”) is designed to increase your working knowledge of the Guardian Connect CGM System. As a participant in the Evaluation Program, you will have the opportunity to experience and wear the Guardian Connect CGM System for up to thirty (30) days following completion of training. Prior to participating, you must review and sign the Patient Evaluation Program Agreement acknowledging your understanding of the potential risks associated with the Guardian Connect CGM System and agreeing to the terms and conditions of the Evaluation Program.

Potential risks and discomforts that may occur during this evaluation are associated with reactions to the physical presence of the sensor, including skin irritation, bruising, redness, allergic reaction to the tape, bleeding at the site, and site infection. If irritation of the insertion site occurs, remove the sensor and consult with your healthcare professional.

  • You are eligible to participate in this Evaluation Program one time only.
  • Participants must have a valid prescription for the Guardian Connect CGM System.
  • You will receive at no charge one (1) of each: a Guardian Connect transmitter, charger, press serter, tester and a box of Guardian Sensor 3 sensors.
  • You agree to utilize the Guardian Connect CGM System for evaluation purposes only in a manner consistent with the Instructions for Use.The evaluation products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
  • You are providing consent to be contacted by phone or email by a Medtronic Diabetes representative to schedule and receive training on the Guardian Connect CGM System, and from time to time to monitor your progress. You may withdraw your consent for Medtronic Diabetes to contact you at any time.
  • The products provided as part of this Evaluation Program are non-transferable and for one-time use by the Evaluation Program participant only. The evaluation products cannot be used by another patient, another healthcare professional or any other individuals, including, but not limited to those individuals with diabetes.
  • You agree not to sell or submit the Evaluation Program products, nor the services associated with the products during the Evaluation Program, for third-party reimbursement.
  • Medtronic Diabetes has provided a prepaid and self-addressed envelope. You agree to return the transmitter using the prepaid label provided no later than seventy-five (75) days from the date of this agreement.
  • You acknowledge that you have not received, will not receive, and should not expect to receive any compensation from Medtronic Diabetes or any of its affiliates for participation in the Evaluation Program.

Important Safety Information: Guardian Connect CGM System
The Guardian Connect system requires a prescription and is indicated for continuous or periodic monitoring of glucose levels in the interstitial fluid under the skin, in patients (14 to 75 years of age) with diabetes mellitus. The system is intended to complement, not replace, information obtained from standard blood glucose monitoring devices, and is not recommended for people who are unwilling or unable to perform a minimum of two meter blood glucose tests per day, or for people who are unable or unwilling to maintain contact with their healthcare professional. The system requires a functioning mobile electronic device with correct settings. If the mobile device is not set up or used correctly, you may not receive sensor glucose information or alerts. For complete details of the system and its components, including warnings, contraindications, and precautions, please consult the user guide and important safety information.